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Fun and Funky

Autumn is the season of Design in London. Having numbed my feet and over dosed on design I bring you part 1 of a few of the fun and funky  items I found on my travels at this autumns design shows. Make your own 3 dimensional creations with the 3D Doodler Pro Pen. It will […] Read More >>

Lighting mistakes!

Reception Lighting
A lot of people don’t layer their light! Designer tip:  The key to lighting is layering light. Layering your lighting scheme by making sure you have lights at different heights and whatever you do don’t rely on just one kind of light source.  Mix your light sources with a variety of overhead, floor and mid-level […] Read More >>

Antiques Day Trip

I loved my day out with the the Antiques Day Trip. The whole day was brilliant. We all met at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel in Baker Street, our very comfortable mini bus from Anderson Travel chauffeured us to Tetsworth and then the fun began. The day is exactly as they say on the brochure – […] Read More >>

Let’s be practical, laundry is untidy!

Laundry Sign
When designing your house, “unless you are a minimalist tidy freak”, there are bits, pieces and items that all need a home. Let’s be practical laundry is untidy! Not only that, for the smooth running of a house there are functions that just need to be accommodated within the envelope of home. So how do […] Read More >>

BIID 50th Anniversary 1965 – 2015 Jean Monro OBE founding member

 BIID or the British Institure of Interior Design is the “pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK.  Members are required to continue their professonal development thoughout their career to ensure their continued expertise in design process, practice and requlatory matters”. I was at the 50th birthday celebrations recently at Domus Tiles, Battersea,  where […] Read More >>

Grey Concreate Floor



Like structural features when you consider what finish to use on the floor you must think for the long term, there are some basic questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which room?
  • How will you use the room?
  • Who will be using the room and how dirty/untidy are they?
  • How practical does the finish have to be?

The answers from the above will lead you to consider  how easy it is to clean, whether it suits the purpose of the room, how it looks and if it will be cold underfoot!


Different floor coverings of which Karndean Designflooring ( as shown above in the main image) and Amtico are brilliant exponents of are the Vinyl floor options. Vinyl floor finishes are a effective attractive and fairly simple to install flooring options. It comes in a huge variety of faux finishes.  Vinyl floors are hard wearing, and good looking!


If you want a practical hard finish floor that can cope with water and dirt you could look at the fantastic new ceramic tiles on the market. Nowadays ceramic mimics almost every type of flooring you can get and tiles that look like wood. Have a look at these marvelous wood ceramic tiles from Caesar (as feature below right). You can  get tiles that look like marble, limestone and slate see these  tiles from Grestec. (as featured below left)

But  consider that ceramic can be hard underfoot, it can be cold if you don’t have underfloor heating and obviously hard floors and glass don’t mix, something to consider when thinking of flooring for the kitchen!


There are so many beautiful wooden floors to choose from and Carpet and Wood of Chiswick have some fantastic ones.


Carpet and wood of Cheswick

To simplify the process there are three different types:
Solid wood, Engineered Board and Laminate, each comes with its own characteristics.

Solid wood can be bespoke in colour, width, thickness, how rustic it is and any other specification you would like. Although beautiful and better for waxing and re-sanding it should not really be used with underfloor heating so opt for Laminate or Engineered instead.

Engineered board are usually made with 14mm of solid wood applied to a plywood base that prevents the timber from moving: it will not warp, twist or shrink and it is ideal as a structural, strong floor and can cope with the extremes of temperature that come with underfloor heating that we all like so much.

Laminate wood flooring – is a thin veneer of wood on a man-made substrate and unlike the other 2 types will tolerate significant amount of mistreatment be it water, heat or scuffs. But you cannot repair it easily unlike the other two.
There are a huge number of companies doing wood flooring these days.

There are numerous flooring types to consider; what about rubber floors, marmoleum, stone, leather, plastic and many many more (these will be discussed on another blog) – contact RJV Designs for good practical advice on what and who to use and where to go to look at the different types/styles of flooring.





Tiles: a short guide on how to choose the right one

How do you choose them? There are tiles for walls, for floors,   non slip tiles for wet areas, tiles that look like wood or marble, glossy tiles, matt tiles, textured tiles, small tiles, huge/massive tiles, earthenware tiles, porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, encaustic tiles, glass tiles, ceramic tiles………..ahhhhh I can hear your heart palpitating, you’re feeling […] Read More >>