Choosing carpet for stairs – “First impressions aren’t everything”

The staircase is often the first thing you will see in the entrance of the home, making it one of the most important rooms. We all want to create a welcoming home that reflects our style and personality, an inviting space for our guests; And of course, a great first impression of our home, so it’s easy to get fixated on pretty colors and style rather than the practicalities.

Choosing a carpet for the stairs can be difficult compared to other areas of the house”

Our client fell in love with a beautiful carpet . The carpet looked and felt great, soft and fluffy on the feet and the perfect colour to tie in with the rest of the home. “Great, so job done? “Of course, it has to look and feel good whilst fitting in with the rest of the design, but most importantly the appropriate durability, density, pile and thickness are some key factors that need to be considered when choosing the carpet for stairs.


Some helpful tips:


Stairs are the busiest area of the home, with people running up and down, they are in full use every day, therefore, it is essential the carpet you chose is hard-wearing and ready to stand the test of time whilst still look great.


By choosing a higher density carpet you can ensure you have a more resilient carpet that’s going to last the test of time.


The shorter the pile the better, longer piles on stairs tend to separate along the steps causing gaps in the carpet. Over time the longer pile can wear down and appear flat with the busy traffic.


People assume that the thicker the carpet the more robust, however some of the thinnest carpets are more durable than the thicker ones. Thickness is a very important factor, a carpet that is too thick can lead to slips and falls on the stairs becoming a safety hazard.


One of the reasons sisal fell from grace as a flooring covering was the fact that over time, especially on stairs, it became so slippery it was an accident waiting to happen.  100% wool carpets will wear too quickly, select an 80/20 mix or even a 50/50 as the man made fiber will give strength to the wool.

Density of carpet






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