Metallic Trends in 2018 and how to use them

Hend Krichen Ceramic and Copper Vase Metallics Trends 2018

It looks like the trend for metallics is not waning but evolving. A simple injection of metallic into your home can add a touch of glamour and put you on trend for 2018.  In this blog post we suggest how to use metallics in your home and how that will inject a little pizazz into your decor.  First of all, let’s separate them:

Cool metallics are silver, nickel and steel which reflect light more, so brighten up a small space but can be cold.

Warm metallics are rose gold, bronze, copper and brass which will add warmth/intimacy/contrast to a minimalist environment.

Then there are the finishes. Most metallics are manufactured in different finishes, matt, brushed, anodized, satin and polished high gloss.

Remember wanting to replicate your favourite restaurant’s kitchen with stainless steel worksurfaces, splashbacks, brushed stainless steel taps and expecting your cooking skills to produce Michelin Star creations overnight!  Well I’m sorry to say that this look is out and the opposite is in – welcome warm metallics:  gold, copper and brass.

And then the how . . .

  1. As a feature – either a piece of furniture. Consider the Fedrico Armchair in Royal Blue velvet by Gillmore Space (image 1) which would sit perfectly on it’s own or next to the simplicity of an Art Deco inspired wall paper pattern with a touch of metallic – Empire Trellis in Birch/Cream by Sanderson (image 2) or Sumi by Harlequin (image 3).
  2. Material contrast – an injection of warm brushed copper (rose gold) taps in a cool marble kitchen/bathroom.
  3. In Lighting – whether it be copper pendants over your kitchen island by Tom Dixon’s or a directional wall light in matt brass, for bedside reading, by Rockett St George (image 4)
  4. Mixing cool and warm metallics are acceptable – add a bit of texture too and you have the Chevron Cow Hide Metallic rug by Graham & Green (image 5).
  5. Less is more – a simple stylish copper coffee pot on your stove can put you on trend – we like Tom Dixon’s Brew Stove Top Coffee Maker (image 6) or a cluster of Hend Krichen’s copper and ceramic vases (image 7).

And if we were to choose the current on trend metallic and finish we would say less gloss finishes and a move towards matt and brushed with brass now coming to the forefront.

Graham and Green chevron rug metallic and cow hide rug

5. Graham & Green; Rug

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