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BIID 50th Anniversary 1965 – 2015 Jean Monro OBE founding member

BIID or the British Institure of Interior Design is the “pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK. Members are required to continue their professonal development thoughout their career to ensure their continued expertise in design process, practice and requlatory matters”.
I was at the 50th birthday celebrations recently at Domus Tiles, Battersea, where there was a short display of the history of the Association and how it became an Institute. A quote that caught my eye was this by one of the founding members of the BIID, Jean Monro OBE, an interior desginer of great skill and finesse, of the English style of interior design to large houses and appartments of a certain echelon of Society.

“I have an inbuilt distrust of surveyors and architects because so often surveyors are unnecessarily pessimistic and architects, which is far more dangerous, are unrealistically optimistic about the likely costs involved.”
Jean Monro OBE
Never a truer word written.

I am please to be part of this Instutite as a member of their CPD committee, helping to organise and set up CPD (continue professional delvelopment) courses and talks for members to keep up with what is going on and in changing throughout the building profession. Oh and the party was fab as well!